Sudarshan Botanicals is now offering the community half, full, and deluxe herbal medicine shares for the Fall 2010 harvest. The way it works is just like the concept of the veggie CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)model. At the end of the growing season, the members will receive one installment of herbal medicines in various forms including tinctures, syrups, honeys, powders, salves, essential oils, & hydrosols based on their individual/family needs.

Shares will vary from year to year, depending on the yields for the growing season, the herbalists on the farm, and the requests coming from the members supporting the Sudarshan Herbal CSA. By purchasing a share at Sudarshan, you are directly supporting local, organic agriculture that benefits the planet through:
-supporting the beginnings of a local seed bank
-replanting the global garden one garden at a time
-stimulating local economy
-supporting an alternative medicine grassroots healthcare system in your community
-preserving the knowledge and wisdom of plants for future generations

(as outlined in Floracopeia's Mandala)

Replanting the Global Garden One Garden at a Time

The revival of folk medicine and the creation of community-supported plant-based healthcare depends Sudarshan Botanicalstm
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We are living in a time of Global Evolution and an                   awakening of the Collective Consciousness